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Chad N.

3/2015 My young daughter and I have been training with Professor Vic for the last year. I cannot express enough the amazing positive influence Professor Vic (and his wife Jen and the boys) have had on our family. Not only are the students held to high standards to train and behave like a champion on the mat, Professor Vic insists that the behavior be upheld academically at school and at home as well. As a father of a young girl it is very important to me that my daughter learns the tools necessary to take care of herself physically but also the tools to be disciplined, self-confident, and focused in any of life’s challenges. I could not ask for a better teacher, coaches, teammates, and families than what we have found at GBWC. It is truly an honor to be part of this “family”.

Tina R.

8/2014: I am very happy with how my son is doing and the other children as well. I have been taking my son now for a little over 2yrs. and have seen a great growth in him. I take my son Alejandro to Professor Vic’s class and we both feel very comfortable in the environment. I would recommend anyone to go try the class out….

Mark P.

9/2014:  My son has been training under Professor Vic for a little over 4yrs. now. He has a very unique way of teaching the techniques and communicates in such a manner that the students quickly grasp the fundamentals. All of the kids love Professor Vic and truly respect and look up to him. He is a great role model and mentor to all the students. I would highly recommend GBWC to anyone interested in the martial arts….

Ashley R.

8/2014: Professor Vic and the rest of the GB BJJ family has had such a profound effect on my son! I couldn’t be happier with this progress both in training and out as a result of the lessons he is learning. I’m happy to consider GBWC as part of my extended family….

Jim L.

9/2014: Amazing place to train…it’s a family environment, great place for kids and adults….

Tony S.

9/2014: Boa….

Amy L.

8/14: Been students as a family for almost 5yrs. and it has changed our lives. We have an extended family here amid a great learning environment from Professor Vic….

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